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Globalization and technology is currently eliminating borders and transforming business models faster than ever before.  Organizations are demanding faster time to market their products.  The traditional way of IT operations is not delivering fast enough for modern demands and this creates a gap which can have a profound impact of business outcomes.  Service delivery needs to change from the traditional deployment silo approach to a fully automated service and standardized delivery model.  Endor offers a bridge between your business needs and service delivery with a broad solution offering and partnership with some of the leading vendors in the global IT arena.  What we offer:

  • Selective and/or complete outsourcing of projects whether ITO or BPM
  • Cloud services that fit your needs Cloud management portal that combines your entire IT operations, regardless whether they are on your premises or in the cloud.
  • Unrivalled access to deep knowledge and expert resources through our ecosystem of offshore partners
  • Project management and onshore skills
  • Quality service delivery with no comparison
  • Ease of mind and better operations



Cloud Services

Organizations are embracing benefits from scalability, responsiveness and cost efficiencies that cloud computing offers. Transformation to cloud environment is challenging and has tremendous impact on the way IT is operated and the way services are delivered to business users.

Managed Services

Hybrid journey is a journey of integration and managed services for both cloud and on-prem operation. Planning, deploying, operating and supporting each step with selected partners, is integral part of Endor consulting, so customer are of ease offloading specific IT operations.

Offshore Services

Today, companies need to be more agile and efficient embracing changing business models and making IT more of an enabler. IT players need to better understand the different role they should play in supporting the business achieving its goals.


Endor is a company which responds to changes in the environment and we endeavour to adapt our supply of solutions to the needs of our customers, regardless of whether this involves cloud services or not. Comprehensive knowledge of the technology and the market creates a unique position and the company’s structure and the ecosystems of our partners enable us to move faster.



The team is built up by veterans in the IT industry, the combined intellectual asset is wast and the professional network is difficult to match.  All stakeholders have years of IT experience ranging from deep technical expertise, operating mission critical environments, solution selling, business development, project management with various international stakeholders, managing start-ups and managing legacy corporation in a fierce competitive market.

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