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Cloud services

Organizations are embracing the benefits of the scalability, responsiveness and cost efficiency that cloud computing offers. The transformation to a cloud environment is challenging and has a tremendous impact on the way IT is operated and the way services are delivered to business users.

Endor offers a selection of hybrid cloud solutions for companies to combine the benefits of on-premises and off-premises operations. A new style of IT based on self-service and automation, with HPE Helion Cloudsystem platform as the building block, where customers can easily monitor and automate their resource consumption. This platform provides rich availability to trusted cloud and service providers and blends perfectly with the local flavour within the ecosystem. Our scalable cloud solutions are always live and hosted in state of the art data centers which are fully compliant to all criteria and standards.

Endor is rapidly developing new flavours of services and solutions with the support of our partner ecosystem, whether these are infrastructure related (IaaS), ready to go platforms (PaaS) or software on tap (SaaS). Please ping us for more information on what we offer:


•Traditional hosting solutions for customers ready to embrace and embark upon their cloud journey
•IaaS through automated service delivery with the benefits of the new style of operations
•Public, private, hosted – It does not matter, we offer hybrid services
•Today everything is about availability, compliance and peace of mind. We deliver “always on services”, whether BaaS or DraaS
•In a software defined world, cloud and security are one. Explore SECaaS, regardless of your connecting mode
•For energy-intensive data processing machines we can discuss HPCaaS


The future brings more challenging, fantastic and fun solution development projects, so tune in for upcoming releases.

Managed services

Hybrid journey is a journey of integration and managed services for both cloud and on-premises operations. Planning, deploying, operating and supporting each step with selected partners is the integral part of Endor consulting, so our customers are at ease in offloading specific IT operations. Endor managed services assume ongoing responsibility for the monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for selected IT systems and functions on behalf of our customers. We offer managed services such as monitoring, security, patch management and data availability for different platforms: desktops, notebooks, servers, storage, networks and applications.

Offloading routine infrastructure management to experienced managed services professionals ensures that customers can concentrate on running their businesses, with fewer interruptions due to IT issues. The managed services Endor can provide include needed ingredients from rich portfolio of vendors, such as data center related equipment, software or the best of breed services

Offshore services


Modern companies need to be more agile and efficient by embracing changing business models and using IT to their advantage. IT players need to better understand the different role they should play in supporting the business achieving its goals. A more professional approach is needed on how IT is deployed to deliver according to plans and budgets.

The ecosystem of our nearshoring/offshoring partners includes some of the most prestigious companies in this field on a global basis. Companies that have years of experience in working with customers in all industries and of all shapes and sizes, ranging from Fortune 1000, software firms (ISVs), start-up companies, public authorities and everything in between. The scalable knowledge pool, certified quality processes and technical capabilities extend across new developments, re-engineering, application management, testing and tuning, operating and process support. Global full service solution providers with local presence.

In addition to such unmatched access to deep knowledge, expert resources and disruptive technologies, both for ITO and BPM, Endor offers onshore skills, project management and flexible engagement models, resulting in quality service delivery unparalleled in prices – More for less and on time for our customers.



Endor is a company which responds to changes in the environment and we endeavour to adapt our supply of solutions to the needs of our customers, regardless of whether this involves cloud services or not. Comprehensive knowledge of the technology and the market creates a unique position and the company’s structure and the ecosystems of our partners enable us to move faster. Thus we create simpler, faster and more efficient solutions with demanding challenges and IT becomes the fuel for further success and not time consuming firefighting.

The core competencies and years of specialized knowledge at Endor lies in the sales and services of infrastructure solutions.  The company is partner with many leading IT suppliers, such as HPE, Nimble, Veeam, VM-Ware, Fortinet, Microsoft, Fujitsu and Lenovo – as such we are able to provide the most efficient hardware and software solutions, regardless of where the environments is hosted. Endor also works closely with leading distributors regarding various other infrastructure solutions which customers may be short of. So don’t hesitate contacting and explore whether we can provide what´s needed.


Endor has valuable experience in servicing data center operations in Iceland. Customers are offered a diverse consultancy regarding the maximization of current and future investments. Services range from selection of best fit location/provider; to understanding the legal and regulation environment; to negotiating with different stakeholders; to installation, delivery and financing of infrastructure needed; to the all-round supervision and operation of specified projects.


As such we at Endor combine the expertise of our partners and deliver a problem-solving consultancy with regard to the necessary infrastructure and services in order to create smooth operations which put security, scalability and efficiency first.